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I, , hereby give notice to O'Neil Creek Storage that I will VACATE Leased Space(s) # on/or by (date of vacancy). I understand that the leased space may be rented to a new lessee the day after the above move-out date. I understand that I am required to complete all of the following during the vacating process:

  • Remove all items from the leased space (garbage disposal is lessee's responsibility)
  • Leave the leased space broom clean and damage free
  • Remove lock from the leased space
  • Pay all outstanding rent and fees

Termination Policy: LESSEE SHALL GIVE OPERATOR FIFTEEN (15) DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE OF LESSEE'S INTENT TO TERMINATE THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT AND REMOVE ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY FROM THE LEASED SPACE. Failure to give such written notice shall be construed as Lessee's intent to hold over and retain possession of the Leased Space and will result in the continuation of rent being owed by lessee.

Please note, rent is not prorated for vacating prior to the month's end. If you are in the leased space on the 1st of the month, lessee is responsible for the full month's rent.

**A courtesy call making us aware that you are moved out of your unit completely would be much appreciated.**